Thursday, June 26, 2014

Train Sketches V

picking up the spare

candy cornucopia

trilobite me

a c'thulhu in motion stays in motion

joint venture

poppy seethe

and I for one welcome my intergalactic squid overlord

this guy knows what I'm talking about
I made the mistake of letting some of the dumb jocks in my gym see my sketchbook. They then proceeded to say that it looked like the kind of thing a serial killer would keep, and repeatedly told me never to show it to anyone. [Yeah, heaven forbid I meet anyone in this third world shithole that I can actually relate to.]

The irony was a) I never would have shown it to them if they hadn't asked, and b) there's nothing in my sketchbook as extreme as this shirt, which I was wearing at the time.

Get the wrong idea about me? No, people might get the exact right idea.